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Durham Friends Meeting 75th Anniversary Observance

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Memorial Meeting for Worship

In celebration of all those who have been important to

the life of Durham Friends Meeting

Saturday, Eleventh Month 17, 2012, 2:00-3:00 PM

Durham Friends Meeting

Followed by Reception and Light Refreshments


Anniversary Celebration

First Day, Eleventh Month 18, 2012 at Rise of Meeting for Worship

Young Friends will enact a Short History of Durham Friends Meeting.

A Simple Lunch will be provided, during which all will have opportunity to 

share stories of connection with Durham Friends Meeting.


The planning committee continues to invite sharing of photographs and written

recollections from Meeting's history. Please send these to Margaret March

[email protected] or 828-200-0447


For the purpose of food preparation, please RSVP by Eleventh Month 10, 2012 to Margaret March

[email protected] or 828-200-0447