2021-02 (February) Meeting for Business Documents

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Meeting for Worship for Business

February 21, 2021, 12:15 pm via Zoom

Agenda (See document links below)

  1. Opening Worship and Reading Query for the Second Month
  2. Clerk’s Report
  3. Treasurer’s Quarterly Report
  4. Nominating: Draft of committee rosters
  5. Library Annual Report
  6. Office & Administration Annual Report
  7. Recorder Annual Report
  8. Skyspace Annual Report
  9. Property & House Update
  10. Addressing Racism Committee Update
  11. Minutes for Approval: January
  12. Announcements
    1. Annual Reports due in March
      1. Adult Class
      2. Hospitality
      3. Nominating
    2. Release date for April 17 is tomorrow
  13. Closing Worship

 Query for the Second Month

Deepening Our Faith: Meeting for Business

  • Is our meeting for business held in worship in which we seek divine guidance?
  • How do we sustain prayerful consideration of all aspects of an issue and address difficult problems with a search for truth that is unhurried by the pressures of time?
  • Do we recognize that we speak through our inaction as well as our action?
  • Do I regularly attend meeting for business? If unable to attend, how do I fulfill the responsibility to understand and embrace the decisions made?
  • How do I affirm and support God’s presence in the process of discernment and reaching a decision?
  • Do I remain open to personal transformation as the community arrives at the sense of the meeting?