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adult ed July 26 9:15 - Quaker Experience

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Quaker Experience
Hello Friends,
This Sunday July 26 at 9:15, I will be leading a First Hour on Richenda C. Scott's 1968 Pendle Hill pamphlet, A Quaker Interpretation of Experience. Scott's brief but far-reaching pamphlet touches on issues such as how we should think of ourselves in the context of the Quaker tradition, the relationship between the Light and our experience of beauty, and the role of art in our spiritual lives. I've attached a highly condensed discussion of the pamphlet from my notes, and it will not be at all necessary to have read the pamphlet (or my condensed version) ahead of time to participate. I hope to see anyone who is interested there.
Please refer to the email sent this week to read the document Eli had in his announcement.