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First Day School Update Jan 2018

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Based on the experiences of teachers and First Day School Committee during 2017, a slightly different approach is being tried in early 2018.  Rather than conceptualizing the children in age groups, we will facilitate different styles of activities and encourage kids to select the one that feels right to them.

  • Baby/toddler play room --> unstructured play and nurturing
  • "Builder" or Physical Activity Room --> blocks, trains, etc; outside when the weather is better
  • Art Project and Lesson 

We are hoping members of the community will volunteer for the "Builder" room.  You will simply have the joy of playing with and nurturing a small group of kids who prefer a less structured experience.  No planning or formal teaching necessary.  Please email Katie Poynter ([email protected]) if you want to do one or more Sundays in the coming weeks.