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Parents Providing Guidance on Shared Norms

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All adults (not just parents) are encouraged to feel empowered to remind kids of these norms as needed.  It is part of integrating kids fully into our community.  Please email Katie ([email protected]) if you have feedback or additional suggestions.  We'll be posting a list of norms soon, and will revisit as needed. 

  • Walking feet and indoor voices during Meeting and Fellowship, including in the outdoor space immediately outside the Meetinghouse.  We also know kids will need to be reminded of this on the regular and don' expect them to nail it every time.  

  • The elevator is only for people who cannot use the stairs.  Children should not ride it, even with adults, unless they cannot use the stairs for some reason.  

  • Juice is the devil.  Okay, not the devil, but we'd prefer it not be available at Fellowship at all.  We'd like our kids to stick to water or milk, and this is so much easier when juice isn't around.  

  • Kids come dressed for the weather.  We will take them outside for at least part of FDS every week, unless it truly is too cold/rainy/snowy.  Very young kids and babies will stay inside.