Share Your Ideas for Community Service

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Look for the new Ideas List to post your idea(s) for possible community projects in which the Meeting could participate.  The list is posted  downstairs as of Sunday, December 17. 

Please share idea(s) that you feel need attention and could take place in February 2018. We are looking for opportunities for multiple types of jobs (i.e., not all of us can do manual labor). There should be enough jobs for a large group to be able to participate in the project.  Make sure to write down your name as well as an email or phone number that can be used to contact you. Additionally, if your idea requires coordination with another service leader or organization, please provide a name and their contact information as well so that they can be contacted to check for availability and service opportunities.

If you would like to suggest a different type of service (e.g., a rally, or an information session), feel free to write it down. However, activities such as these may not be prioritized as service projects if they are not easily accessible to a majority of the meeting, but getting the word out is much appreciated! 

More details in the attached PDF.