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High School Staff Application

Welcome All Future High School Staff

Many volunteer staff consider the Gathering High School (HS) program to be one of the most enriching weeks of our year. HS volunteer staff work with other staff members to build a team capable of nurturing and mentoring the next generation of Quakers, connect deeply with amazing young people, and have opportunities to participate in other Gathering activities. We focus on HS participant care and creating a supportive vessel for individual and community growth, as well as on supporting each other as a team. While we understand that the High School program will look different due to shifting it online, we still carry forward its goals and vision in this new format.

What to Expect as High School Staff


This year's Virtual Gathering 2020 is from noon Sunday, June 28 to Saturday July 4. Staff training will take place prior to the start of Virtual Gathering. High School staff of the 2020 Virtual Gathering are not required to be present during all High School program sessions. During the staff application, we ask potential staff to identify which programming time slots they are available for programming. 


Due to the Virtual Gathering format, staff are able to participate in a workshop and evening plenaries this year. 


High School staff receive a full workgrant for their work - so take advantage of participating in more of Virtual Gathering's offerings this year!


 All staff are expected to lead a support group and attend a daily staff meeting. Staff lead a support group of around 8 participants, further deepening the spiritual and communal work in a more intimate setting.Support group is the only mandatory aspect of Virtual Gathering for High School participants.


APPLY FOR 2020 High School Staff here! Not everyone who applies to be a staff member is chosen.  Effort is made to create a balance of gender, age, skills, personalities, and regional representation as we design each year’s team of HS staff. Read more about the qualities of prospective counselors, and factors in building a staff team.

Fostering a Strong Staff Community

“I feel so enriched by the time I spent in the close proximity with so many good people and friends.”

-High School Participant, 2019

We believe that the High School program at Gathering is a transformative experience for many staff and participants. The High School Program will be the center of your week, and our vision is to create a spiritually grounded community of staff members that:

  • Fosters trust; 
  • Shares a common vision of expectations;
  • Invites understanding of others' gifts, strengths, limits, and challenges;
  • Provides a brave space for dissention by caring for each other through our differences;
  • Not only works together, but plays together;
  • Provides opportunities to learn about each other;
  • Provides a space for the communication and acknowledgement of needs.

This list is not exhaustive, but is the beginning of a vision which we hope to develop as a staff through the coming year and beyond.

Completing the Application

Everyone applying should complete the High School Staff Application by late May. We will review all applications received by this date and send out notifications by early June. Late applications will be considered in the event that we have not been able to assemble a diverse group of staff.

Who needs to complete the Reference and Criminal Background Check forms?

  • If you have worked with youth at the Gathering for two of the past three years, you do not need to complete the reference check form. Check "no" to the question at the bottom of the application's first page, and click "Submit."
  • If you had a criminal background check by FGC in the last five years, you do not need to complete the criminal background check form.

Updated 5-22-20