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Anti-racism Events at the Virtual Gathering

These were events offered at the 2020 Virtual Gathering. Check back in early June for events at the 2021 Virtual Gathering.

“Until we are all free, we are none of us free.” Emma Lazarus

In testament to FGC’s commitment to become an actively anti-racist faith community, we are highlighting anti-racism program offerings at Virtual Gathering 2020. The current moment holds both despair and hope. The United States is in an uprising, responding to the continued killings of Black people by police and vigilante groups and the disproportionate toll of COVID-19 deaths and illness in Black and brown communities. This moment weighs heavy on the hearts of Friends. Racism and white supremacy affect and implicate all of us - and our faith calls each of us to work within ourselves and within our communities to act to end the violence and inhumanity of social inequity. This heart-bound and spirit-led work requires every one of us. We invite you to attend the following events:

European Americans Addressing Racism

Events for only People of Color can be found here


We have multiple workshops at the Virtual Gathering that offer tools to understand the systems of racism and build our capacity in taking action for racial justice. Some are for Friends newer to antiracism work, and some are for those who have more experience.

Workshop options addressing racism include:

Afternoon Activities (4:00-5:30 pm EDT)

People of Color Center 

  • Reading to kids of all ages - Monday
  • Racial Justice in your Meeting – Vanessa Julye  - Tuesday
  • Upgrading your meeting's library - Regina Renee Ward - Wednesday
  • Health Disparities and Racism in the Era of COVID-19 – Elaine Ruscetta and Diane Rowley - Thursday
  • Afternoon with Friends General Conference's Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee - Friday

People of Color Center event descriptions can be found here 

FGC Author Event

  • Anti-racist trainer Dr. Amanda Kemp tells us “Say the Wrong Thing.” WHY? - Wednesday

(Dr. Amanda Kemp is also our Monday evening program speaker)

American Friends Service Committee

  • Accompaniment as anti-racist practice for social change – Lucy Duncan - Monday
  • Bystander Intervention: How to stand up against public racist and oppressive acts – Jordan Garcia - Wednesday

Friends Committee National Legislation

  • Race, Mass Incarceration, and COVID-19: Criminal Justice in 2020 – José Woss & Joe D’Antonio - Friday

Youth Programs

  • High School Affinity Groups include: People of Color Affinity Group and European Americans Addressing Racism
  • Junior Gathering - Storytime hosted by the People of Color Center

Evening Programs (8:00-9:30 pm EDT)