Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

Gathering Quaker Arts Center at the Virtual Gathering

The Quaker Arts Center is hosted by the Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts.  Friends are invited to contribute original artwork to FGC's Quaker Arts Center (QAC) during the Gathering. We welcome all media and modes of art and expect to be able to accommodate performance artists with short pieces that can be done in intimate, informal spaces. 

Exhibiting or Performing in the Quaker Arts Center

Interested in exhibiting or performing? 

Complete the Intent to Show/Perform Form. (This form will be on the Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts website, and will be linked to here when that form is live.) All Friends are welcome and some space will be reserved for first-time participants.  


Contact the Quaker Art Center committee on the Gathering Contact Form