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How to Register

Registration for the 2020 Virtual Gathering is now closed. 

Decisions to Make Before Registering

When you have made these decisions and prepared your email inbox for our messages, expect to spend 30 minutes to register one person, and 10-15 minutes for each subsequent person.

Choose your events package

Full Program: All Gathering Events
Workshops Plus: Workshops, Worship Sharing, Afternoons, Bible Half-Hour
Evening Programs Plus: Evening Programs, Worship Sharing, Afternoons, Bible Half-Hour
Evening Programs Only: Evening Programs, Worship Sharing 
Adult Young Friends Program Only: Weekend Retreat Only (The AYF retreat can also be added on to any of the above packages)
Full High School Program: All Gathering Events
Full Junior Gathering Program: Afternoon Family Activities
Are you attending a pre-Gathering event? You may register now and return until June 25 to add any of these events.

Choose your workshop. If you've chosen a package that includes workshops, select your workshop. The workshop you register for is the workshop you'll be in at the Gathering. Workshops that are full will not be listed on the registration form. Please note that there are one-day workshops on Sunday, June 28 and on Saturday, July 4. Week-long workshops are Monday through Friday, June 29 through July 3.

Review Payment Information. The Virtual Gathering is a unique opportunity to experiment with Pay as Led. Our hope is that it will remove barriers to attendance while strengthening the community. We ask that your prayerfully consider your financial resources and the value you believe the Gathering brings to your life and to Friends. Based on this personal reflection we invite you to pay as you are led and to make any donation that feels appropriate to you. There are amounts in three categories, as well as a fourth option, "Choose Your Price," where you can instead write-in a different price. These categories are:
Abundant Sharing: This amount covers the cost of your attendance plus an extra amount that helps other Friends attend, equalizing costs. 
Traditional Cost: This amount covers your basic cost for attending the Virtual Gathering. 
Limited Resources: This amount is suggested if your resources are limited. 
Choose your Price: Write-in a different price that you're able to pay. 

Email Addresses for all those you are registering. Individual email addresses are used for identification and evaluation. Do you have a reliable email address? Please list addresses for each individual. This saves FGC money and time, and you can receive important Gathering information quickly. Want your older children to receive correspondence directly? Put their email addresses with their name, and list your own as the “copy to” address to receive a copy of any information to them. Want to receive all email for your children? List your own email address as theirs. If you want another parent or a sponsor to receive email as well, you can list that person's address as the "copy to" address.

Emergency Contact: Who do you want us to contact in the event of an emergency? We will ask you for a name and phone number. 

Any donations? There will be an opportunity to decide whether you want to make a contribution toward the Gathering, the Bayard Rustin Fund, and/or the Green Meeting House Fund. If there is something different you had in mind for a donation, please contact the FGC Development Office.

Allow Gathering Email

Some Gathering registrants found that they missed important information because our emails went to their spam folder. We’ve made some changes to improve email delivery, but we need your help! Please take five minutes now to help us keep our emails out of your spam folder. You are not registered until you receive the Gathering registration confirmation letter!

Registration Troubleshooting

If you are having troubles registering online, don't panic! Here are some tips:

  1. Scroll to the top of your screen to look for a red error message. If you missed answering a required question or didn’t use the required format (such as including a space or a letter when a number is required), the form won’t let you proceed to the next page.
  2. We recommend registering from a laptop or desktop, rather than from a mobile device.
  3. Click “save” at the bottom of the registration page before going to look up information on the FGC website, and before continuing to the next page on your registration form.
  4. Having trouble making a partial payment on your credit card? Click “Needs staff processing (aid, refunds, adjustments)” as your payment option and call us next week with your credit card information.
  5. If you accidentally charge the wrong amount to your credit card and you already clicked “Finish” please send us an email with the correct amount. We can cancel the wrong payment and make the correct payment for you. (Do not email your credit card number!! Just explain the error and the correct amount to charge.)
  6. If the form won’t let you finish and you can’t figure out why, click save and email [email protected] with a description of the problem. If you start the form during registration and email us about a problem, we can complete the form for you.
  7. Having trouble getting through to us by phone? We're probably on another line. Please leave a message so that we can contact you. Email is also helpful in communicating registration problems.

Read the next set of tips, too!

Specific Registration Tips

Take two deep breaths before selecting "Save and Next" at the bottom of each page of the registration form.

While you wait, you may see some new questions appear!

Guests: Did you register for the 2019 Gathering with guests and choose to save their information? Your saved guest information can be accessed and used to register your guests! On the "Guest Information" page, click the button "Add Previous Guest" to re-use their contact information.

Steps to ensure your return to an incomplete registration.  If you must leave your registration for more than 30 minutes before it is complete (1) click SAVE and (2) then close your browser window. When you return to our registration form, you must enter exactly the same name, email and contact type (age group) that you entered the first time. The form only saves information you entered for seven days, so please don't wait too long to finish the form!

If you registered by clicking "yes" on an email invitation, about an hour after you closed your browser window you should receive an email with a link that allows you to resume your registration anytime in the following week.

If you registered through a link on our website, it might take up to three days to receive an e-mail with a link to return to your registration. However, you can re-enter your registration at any time if you go back to our form and enter the exact same name, e-mail, and contact type so that our system can recognize you.  

Having difficulty completing your registration? Answer questions to the best of your ability, complete the registration, and call or e-mail the Gathering Office to modify your registration (e.g., change an answer, add a person, add a pre-Gathering event).

How to modify your complete registration. You may return to your complete registration to change your program choices or add a pre-Gathering event. Read more.

You Only Know You've Registered When...

... you receive a Gathering registration confirmation email from [email protected] or [email protected] See "allow Gathering email" to make sure you receive the confirmation. If you do not receive the confirmation email, contact the Gathering Office for help.