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Nurturing faith and Quaker practice


Watch this brief video on the solace of Quaker worship in a busy world.

Quakers practice a religion of experience, a contemporary, simple, and radical faith. Quakers are also called Friends.
See our answers to the frequently asked questions people have about Quakers and the Quaker way.
Come to this page for a couple of articles you can read in 10-15 minutes, or to see our list of recommended publications.

From our earliest days, Quakers have asked one another, "What canst thou say?" In this section, see how Quakers have expressed themselves on a variety of topics close to our hearts.

In this series of ten short videos, Friends speak from their experience about their faith and Quaker practice.

QuakerSpeak is a web video series aimed at communicating Quaker experience to religious seekers and Friends meetings.  QuakerSpeak is a  project of Friends Journal.