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QuakerSpeak: Interviews with modern Friends

QuakerSpeak is a web video series aimed at communicating Quaker experience to religious seekers and Friends meetings.  QuakerSpeak is a  project of Friends Journal. Series one was developed in collaboration with Friends General Conference and Quaker Voluntary Service.  New videos are still being produced and posted regularly.

The Quaker way emerged in circumstances like those we face today. Max Carter, a professor at Guilford College, shares the story of George Fox, who went seeking for spiritual answers and found them not in a church, but within.
QuakerSpeak | 4:24 minutes
When Traci gets a nudge to give vocal ministry, sometimes she feels resistant. That’s when it is time for “The Faithfulness Lecture”.
QuakerSpeak | 3:49 minutes
Trayce Peterson talks with QuakerSpeak about how to support young people, the power of speaking truth, and the incredible importance of students finding their voice.
QuakerSpeak | 4:49 minutes
We asked a diverse group of Friends what they find most valuable about silence in Meeting for Worship. This is what they said.
QuakerSpeak | 5:16 minutes
We talked with George Lakey about Quakers’ call to struggle, the myth that violence works, and how that’s all changing.
QuakerSpeak | 5:27 minutes
The act of creating music from Quaker spiritual writings helped Paulette Meier through a difficult time in her life. These songs are unlike anything you’ve ever heard.
QuakerSpeak | 6:18 minutes
Quaker Justimore Musombi was a pastor in Kenya. That is, until he came out of the closet. Now he can’t go home.
QuakerSpeak | 9:53 minutes
The Quaker testimony on equality began in worship, and it began with the experience that women were called by the Spirit of God to speak in the ministry.
QuakerSpeak | 5:32 minutes
Quakers believe that the real way that you understand what the Bible has to say to you is to let the words be illuminated. Paul Buckley explains.
QuakerSpeak | 2:44 minutes
Quakers say that “God dwells within everyone.” What does it look like to take that seriously?
QuakerSpeak | 4:20 minutes