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Challenging Racism

Becoming an Anti-Racist Quaker Meeting, Part 2: Writing a Strong Anti-Racist Minute of Concern

Since the times of George Fox, the Religious Society of Friends has acted at the intersection of internal spirituality and social action. In worship, Friends seek moral guidance of how to live our lives, to “let our lives speak."

In the past five years, Friends General Conference, as well as various yearly meetings and monthly meetings, have understood that living into our testimonies of integrity, equality, and community demand action to end racial injustice in North America and throughout the world.

Antiracism In Popular Films: A Discussion Group

This series will allow those of us who identify as white to educate ourselves about racism by discussing films that come from People of Color’s lived experience.  The facilitators, Carolyn Lejuste (she/her, White), Jeanne Burns (she/her/they/them, White) will guide the discussion and be joined by Lee Sayles (he/him, Black) who has generously agreed to assist us see through the fog of White supremacy.

White Friends Receiving the Ministry of Friends of Color: The POC Pre-Gathering Epistle

Are you a white Friend who wants to go deeper in your reflections on racism and white supremacy in a challenging yet compassionate virtual space? Join us for an 8-week virtual affinity group, “White Friends Receiving the Ministry of Friends of Color: The POC Pre-Gathering Epistle,” to engage with the queries posed in the Epistle.

The History of Central Committee and Diversity

In 1997 Central Committee approved the formation of an Ad Hoc Committee on Racial Diversity.

Since then, Central Committee has continued to expand its commitment to racial justice and diversity work. This web page provides the history of Diversity at Central Committee. 


 History of Diversity at Central Committee


October 1997            Central Committee approved formation of Ad hoc Committee on Racial Diversity.


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