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Nurturing a Sustainable Family

Image credit: Sarah Katreen Hoggatt
Spiritual Growth
Marta Rusek | 5/22/15


In the age of instant gratification, technological dependency, and mottos like "bigger is better," a question arises that becomes more urgent with each passing moment:

How, right now, can we live more sustainable lives?

Many Quakers make a tremendous effort to live the testimony of Stewardship in their day-to-day lives, recognizing the responsibility they have when it comes to caring for the gifts they have been given by Spirit. 

Earth Stewardship, or ensuring that the gift of the natural world is preserved for ourselves and for future generations, is a testimony that Friends can live individually and as a family. To that end, FGC would like to share the following resources to help parents as they encourage a greater awareness of Earthcare in their families and strengthen their own Stewardship testimony as well. Click on the links below to access information about Earth Stewardship, sustainability, and environmental awareness. 

FGC also recommends Faith & PlayTM for parents who are eager to help their children develop a spiritual foundation upon which to ground their family's Earthcare witness.