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A Celebration of Quaker Authors and Publishing

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Marta Rusek, Communications Manager | 3/28/21


Originally known as "Publishers of Truth," Quakers have always turned to the ministry of the written word to document Quaker history and historic Friends, speak truth to power, and make Quaker spirituality and practice more accessible to anyone who wants to participate in it.


Here are resources for Friends who are writers or who want to access Quaker publications to deepen their understanding of Friends.


Five Quaker Authors to Follow

Quaker authors have been a transformational presence in the Religious Society of Friends since its founding in the 17th century. Here are five Friendly authors living into the title "Publishers of Truth" with their contributions to the world of literature.

Meet the authors.


Publishing with FGC: An Interview with QuakerPress Editor Audrey Greenhall

Since 2017, Audrey Greenhall has nurtured FGC's ministry of the word through our online bookstore, QuakerBooks. She is also the Editor of QuakerPress, FGC's publishing division guided by the Publications and Distribution committee. In this brief interview, she shares her experiences as an editor, as well as tips for aspiring authors in the Quaker community.

Read the interview.


Discover Quaker publications and bookstores through QUIP

Quakers Uniting in Publications (QUIP) is an international collaborative of Quaker booksellers, authors, and publishers that nurtures this vital ministry. The QUIP website is a whole resource unto itself, and its listings of Quaker periodicals and booksellers are valuable for anyone who wants to read the most up-to-date writings of Friends today.

View QUIP's Quaker Journals and Periodicals listing.

View QUIP's Quaker Bookstores listing.


Author Events at the FGC Gathering

FGC's Publications and Distribution Committee curates a wonderful slate of speakers for Author Events at the annual FGC Gathering each year, including for the virtual edition in 2020. The 2021 Gathering will be an entirely virtual week-long event as well, and you can view the Author Events listing as it becomes available on the Gathering website.

Check out Author Events on the Other Gathering Events page.


Did we miss any resources for Quaker authors and readers? Let us know.


This resource was originally created for the April 2021 issue of the Vital Friends eNewsletter.