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First Day School Tool Kit

Image credit: Mike Goren
Marta Rusek | 8/24/15


Is your Quaker meeting interested in engaging its youngest attenders? Whether your meeting has thought about starting a First Day School program or wants to jump-start its curriculum with new ideas and activities, the First Day School Tool Kit can help.

The First Day School Tool Kit has lesson plans and activities to help your meeting guide children and young people as they begin their spiritual journey and become grounded attendees of meeting for worship.

Click on the links below to access each learning tool. 


Laying the Foundation

Four Reasons for Your Meeting to Become More Welcoming for Children 

Starting, Re-starting, or Revitalizing A First Day School: Get Ready, Get Set, Teach!


Tools to Build Your Lessons

Activity Pages

Sparkling Still and Sparkling Still updated web links

Telling Stories by the Heart for First Day School

Considerations When Choosing and Using Books in First Day School


Tools for Bridging Age Groups, Generations, and New Friends

Quaker First Day School for Busy People

Sharing Faith Across the Generations: A First Day School Project that Enriches the Entire Meeting

Helping Prepare Children and Teenagers for Quaker Worship: Some of My Experiences Leading First Day School

Working with Middle and High School Friends: What Are the Developmental Differences?