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The Margaret Fell Fund and Gospel Ministry

photo by Joanne Clapp Fullagar
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What is Gospel Ministry?

When Friends travel in the gospel ministry they visit individuals and/or meetings without a predetermined agenda other than to be faithful to listen and to respond to the promptings of the Spirit.

What is the Margaret Fell Fund?

The Margaret Fell Fund was created by FGC to assist monthly meetings who have members who are led to extended travel in the gospel ministry among Quakers (of two weeks or more duration). The Fund’s purpose is to cover costs accrued during extended travel such as mortgage payments, rent, and health insurance. The Fund does not cover transportation costs.

How does my meeting apply on my behalf?

Information about the application process and preparation for the Margaret Fell Fund can be downloaded here. Info-sheet - Margaret Fell Fund
Application form for the Margaret Fell Fund can be downloaded here. Interest Form - Margaret Fell Fund


For more information, or to apply for the Margaret Fell Fund, contact FGC:

Attn: Committee for Nurturing Ministries
Friends General Conference
1216 Arch Street, Suite 2B
Philadelphia, PA 19107

[email protected]


 ► Download Info Sheet - Margaret Fell Fund, 2015


 ► Download Interest Form - Margaret Fell Fund, 2015