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Carolyn Lejuste and David Etheridge

Since the times of George Fox, the Religious Society of Friends has acted at the intersection of internal spirituality and social action. In worship, Friends seek moral guidance of how to live our lives, to “let our lives speak."

In the past five years, Friends General Conference, as well as various yearly meetings and monthly meetings, have understood that living into our testimonies of integrity, equality, and community demand action to end racial injustice in North America and throughout the world.

Challenging Racism

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Your mental health matters, and if you're struggling to take care of your mental and spiritual wellbeing right now, you are not alone.

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The Silence & Light for Quaker Newcomers eRetreat invites you to explore and practice the experience of Quaker worship and silent waiting, for an inward encounter with Inner Teacher who leads, guides, and transforms us every day.  This session is offer
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Does your Quaker meeting or church need a loan to buy its meeting space or renovate it? The Friends Meeting House Fund (FMHF), in partnership with Everence, can help! Here are five benefits to getting your loan with FMHF.

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In the Bible, it is called the Kingdom of God, and sometimes the Kingdom of Heaven. In the Cotton Patch Gospel, Clarence Jordan calls it “The God Movement.” Mary Linda prefers “God’s World” and “kin-dom of God” while Mark favors the implied sovereignty of “Commonwealth of God.”


This series will allow those of us who identify as white to educate ourselves about racism by discussing films that come from People of Color’s lived experience.  The facilitators, Carolyn Lejuste (she/her, Whit

Challenging Racism

This book group will explore the concept of revolutionary love through a discussion of the book See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love by Valarie Kaur.

Challenging Racism