Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

Service Opportunities

Here you will find opportunities to serve Friends and seekers, to strengthen communities of faith and practice, through FGC.  These opportunities will include both volunteer and paid staff positions.

We welcome your participation.


The application process for the fellowship is now closed. 

Paid Position | June 21st 2018

The Welcoming Friend Project tests and evaluates practices for welcoming newcomers with the goal of sharing effective practices that will help introduce newcomers to the depth of Quaker faith and practice while bringing them into the life of the meeting. To achieve this, the Welcoming Friend Project will create a collection of resources, an online training module, and a workshop at the FGC Gathering in July 2019, all geared toward helping Friends in monthly and yearly meetings adopt welcoming practices. An additional goal of the project is to also create a community of practice and a volunteer leadership team that will carry the work after the initial project phases are over by maintaining and updating the resource collection while offering online trainings and Gathering workshops on an on-going basis. The program design and end products may shift as the work unfolds and we gain a better understanding of what is really needed to achieve our goals.

Paid Position | January 22nd 2018

The Gathering Committee is responsible for planning the program of one annual Gathering and providing care for that Gathering when it meets. A new committee is constituted for each Gathering, starting in Spring of the previous year.

Volunteer Position | February 2nd 2016