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FGC has published books, pamphlets, curricula, and sometimes other media for more than 50 years to support the spiritual lives and witness of Quakers and Quaker meetings and to serve those seeking to learn more about Friends. 

Traditionally, we have published books (print and ebooks) and pamphlets, although we have also produced CDs and digital resources in the past. Our primary publishing imprint is Quaker Press of FGC .

Books published by QuakerPress of FGC must be on topics that address one or more of FGC’s major goals.  Friends General Conference, with Divine guidance, nurtures the spiritual vitality of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) by providing programs and services for Friends, meetings, and seekers.

QuakerBooks of FGC distributes these publications and more. Below are some of our most recent and most popular titles.


Douglas Gwyn

What are the qualities of Quaker faith and practice that contribute to living sustainably in the world today? How have Quakers learned to create the kind of individual and community life that can prepare us to live fully and responsibly in a time of social and planetary change?

Anthony Manousos

Called "the most remarkable Quaker couple since George Fox married Margaret Fell," Howard and Anna Brinton exemplified what it meant to be a committed Quaker couple in the twentieth century.

Janet Oshewsky

The tale of a Quaker farm boy caught up in the adventures and politics of Colonial Pennsylvania during the French and Indian Wars.

Sparklers (1982) is back as Sparkling Still. Updated and re-imagined! You will find everything you need to create lessons for children ages 3 to 8 and build a classroom community.

By Steve Chase

In seven letters to a fictional correspondent, Steve Chase describes his spiritual journey among Friends. The writer, a member of the Quaker Quest travel team, introduces the Quaker way to a newcomer in language that is personal and gentle, while offering powerful inspiration through stories. Written as an invitation to inquirers, "Letters to a Fellow Seeker" will stimulate discussion among longtime Friends about how we experience and remain true to our Quaker faith.

Gregory A. Barnes

Greg Barnes has deeply researched Philadelphia's historic meeting house at the intersection of Fourth and Arch Streets in the Olde City district. Here Quaker history unfolded, Quaker characters wielded influence, and the story of William Penn's Holy Experiment unfolded from the early colonial days to the present. A delightful and informative book.

Catharine Forbes with Catharine Brinton Cary and Joan Brinton Erickson

This small book captures the character and wisdom of Howard Brinton and Ann Cox Brinton, who influenced a generation of Friends through their leadership as co-directors of Pendle Hill and through many publications. Anna Brinton's intricately drawn Christmas cards illustrate the story of their journey, interspersed with many quotations.

Valerie Brown

Not your average travel guidebook, this book explores some of the world's great pilgrimages, destinations, and the author's reflections on the lessons she learned from them. Read this book to discover how travel can be transformational, how to be more mindful while traveling and every day, the adventures of traveling alone, the delights of encountering new people and places, ancient pilgrimage journeys and sacred travel worldwide. Written from the perspective of a Buddhist Quaker spiritual teacher who has a knack for capturing life's wonders in words.

Edited by Hal Weaver, Paul Kriese, and Steve Angell

Black Fire: African American Quakers on Spirituality and Human Rights gathers together the voices of 18 remarkable individuals who spoke and wrote as African Americans from within the Quaker community. They testify about their viewpoints on racial justice - both within the Religious Society of Friends and society at large - and they speak of their life in the Spirit. As a collection, these selections exhibit the vitality and wisdom that three centuries of African American Quakers have contributed to and on behalf of Friends.

By Doug Gwyn

The Gospel of John is sometimes known among Friends as "the Quaker Gospel," because it speaks to the Quaker concern for a here-and-now experience of eternal reality in Christ. Conversation with Christ explores this theme through thirteen conversations from the Fourth Gospel in which the history and mystery of Jesus are revealed. Each of these close readings is followed by examples of ways Quakers have grappled with its message and by a guided meditation inviting readers to experience the form Christ takes in our lives.