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Friends Meeting House Fund

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Meeting Practices

The Friends Meeting House Fund (FMHF) operates as a mortgage pool. Friends and Meetings can lend (with interest) money to the FMHF, thereby creating a large pool of money. That money in turn can be loaned to Quaker Meetings for renovating, adding on to, constructing or purchasing a meeting house.  Funds can also be loaned for renovating, improving or adding on to other structures on meeting house property, including conserving, protecting, restoring, or enhancing the immediate environment of those structures.  Loans are secured by mortgages held by the FMHF.  Loans currently are at 7% interest for 15 years – a competitive rate for a commercial loan.

The Friends Meeting House Fund also awards small grants for improving meeting community spaces, and the Green Meeting House Fund grants money to help meetings become more sustainable and energy efficient.  Energy-efficient improvements such as water- or energy-saving appliances and building materials, energy audits, special projects like green roofs or rain gardens, and the like fall under the Green Meeting House Fund; all other grants applications should be made to the FMHF.  Requests for loan and grants can be combined.

Friends Helping Friends

FMHF Board Members, who possess expertise in a variety of real estate disciplines, also can provide your meeting with direct assistance on large projects. Over the past 60 years, the Fund has loaned or granted over $4,600,000 to more than 200 Quaker Meetings in 18 yearly meetings. Inquiries and requests for loans continue to be received from meetings all over North America, indicating healthy growth within the Society of Friends.

Learn how Friends Meeting House Fund is making a difference in Quaker meetings across the United States and Canada.


Green Meeting House Grant Fund

Contributions to this Fund often come from Gathering attendees wishing to reduce the environmental impact of their travel. Tax-deductible donations to this Fund are also accepted throughout the year.
Examples of supported projects include:
  • The addition of solar panels to reduce reliance on fossil fuels for heating the Durham, ME, Meeting House.
  • The replacement of the foundation to provide improved weatherization and to secure the structure of the Alaska Friends Conference Dickerson Friends Center in Wasilla, AK.
  • The replacement of drafty windows with new, weathertight ones for the Kalamazoo, MI, Friends Meeting.
  • An enhanced drainage system to protect adjacent stream and wetlands for the Storrs, CT, Friends Meeting parking area.

General Improvements Grant Fund

Gifts to this Fund have traditionally come from individuals wishing to help other Meetings, in an anonymous way, with facilities improvements they would otherwise be unable to afford. As with the Green Fund, tax-deductible donations are accepted throughout the year.

Grants from this fund have supported:

  • Construction of a safe, permanent handicap access ramp at the historic Gonic, NH, Friends Meetinghouse
  • Inclusion of accessible entrance features for a newly-built meetinghouse in Old Chatham, NY.

To send a gift to either Fund, make your check payable to Friends General Conference and indicate which FMHF Grant Fund in the memo section.

To request a grant, download the application form below or email Lee Meinicke, Assistant Treasurer/Secretary for the FMHF at [email protected].