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Weaving a Wider Welcome

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This Spiritual Deepening Library topic is under construction.  Activities and resources will be available in Spring 2021.  Join the Spiritual Deepening email list to receive an announcement when these new materials are published.

Welcoming is not the work of one or two people at the door.  It takes a whole meeting to create a culture that is ready to attentively and joyfully bring newcomers into the fold of the community.  This Weaving a Wider Welcome topic offers you an opportunity to explore best practices for bringing newcomers into the life of the meeting, with special emphasis on welcoming people of color, families with young children, and LGBTQIA folks.  

For Facilitators: 

Successful facilitation creates opportunities for everyone to share and moves the group toward deep connection. Use these resources to learn more about leading a group through meetings for spiritual deepening.

Find course guides, videos, and other resources to plan your group's journey, create an inclusive space, and manage your time together.

Access resources for facilitators here.

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Welcoming Friend Working Group, 2018-2019: Holly Baldwin (FGC), Steven David Flowers (ILYM), Kody Hersh (SEYM), Katrina McQuail (CanYM), Bronwyn Mohlke (NYYM), Suzanne Siverling (ILYM), Eppchez Yes (NEYM), Katherine Youngmeister (IMYM)

Content Development: Rachel Ernst Stahlhut, Holly Baldwin, Kody Hersh, Lori Sinitzky, Eppchez Yes