New Haven Friends Meeting

Religious Society of Friends/Quakers

You are Welcome Here

 We believe that every person is loved by Divine Spirit. Our Quaker community includes people of all ages, religious backgrounds, race, education, sexual orientation, gender identities, and classes.

You are welcome to join us as you are. Dress as you feel comfortable.  We come together in worship:

  • To listen to God;
  • To know and be known by God;
  • To grow in our faith;
  • To be changed;
  • To support each other; and 
  • To help one another do what God asks us to do.

    Our time together looks like this:

    • Children gather upstairs for a family circle at 10:15, with songs and stories, then go downstairs for a children's program. All are welcome in the family circle.
    • During Meeting for Worship upstairs, we sit quietly together;
    • Listening to those who are moved by the Spirit to speak (we use a hand held microphone so all can hear clearly);
    • Shaking hands when worship is ended, led by a member of Ministry and Counsel;
    • Greeting those around us, followed by sharing food during fellowship downstairs.

    *Adapted from materials from Friends General Conference.

    If you have questions about our Meeting, contact the Clerk of Meeting - [email protected]

    What's New

    Free Workshop on Saturday, October 28.  What role can social media (website, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) play in building our beloved faith community?  Do the choices confuse you?  Do you want specific recommendations for your Meeting or committee?  You do not have to be a 'computer geek' to attend!


    At its Meeting for Business on September 17, 2017 New Haven Friends approved a "minute"/commitment on working for immigration rights.  The full text in the attached PDF.

    New Haven Friends Meeting expresses its strong support for both refugees and undocumented immigrants in our community.  As Quakers, “we believe that every person is loved and can be guided by God.  Broadly speaking, we affirm that ‘there is that of God in everyone’." This is true whether or not they are carrying legal papers.  


    Please join us at 10:15 each Sunday before Meeting for Worship for a First Day School Circle.  In the Circle, adults and children connect for a moment of quiet and fellowship.  We sing songs and share rituals.  All members of our community (not just those with children) are encouraged to attend. At 10:30, children wishing to stay for the first 15 min are welcome.  Others will transition to lessons with teachers and loving child care.  We have several teachers this year to meet the needs of different age groups.   


    On Sunday, August 13, 2017 peace and activist organizations held events in New Haven.  The first gathering was to remember the deaths in Charlottesville, VA of Heather Heyer and two State Troopers responding to the melee in the city.  New Haven Friends brought a call for nonviolent action with FCNL's sign "#Love Thy Neighbor, No Exception".


    In 2002 New Haven Friends issued several Minutes on gender.


    Each week, Friends Journal posts a new QuakerSpeak video.  The topics cover individuals' experiences within Friends communities, Quaker history and Friends' witnesses for peace and justice.  Click HERE to view the latest video.  You will be given an opportunity to directly sign up for weekly notices of when new videos are posted.  Enjoy!


    Worship with us!

    (203) 468-7364
    225 East Grand Avenue
    New Haven, CT 06513
    United States
    Meeting Times: 

    Meeting for Worship Sun 10:30 - 11:30am (and Sept to May First Day School for children). Childcare for babies is provided year round.

    Fellowship Hour Sun 11:30 to 12:30 with light refreshments and conversation

    Handicap Accessible

    How to Get to the Meetinghouse

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    NHFM is entirely dependent on financial contributions from individuals. Please consider what your experience here means to you and give as you are able.

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